No Cables? Here’s How to Jump a Car Without Jumper Cables

Jumping a Car Without Jumper Cables

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Imagine that you're on the tail end of a family road trip. You make one last pit stop to fill up on gas and snacks, but as you head out, your car won't start. And because you don't know how to jump a car without jumper cables, you have to wait for someone to help.

Whether that situation is common or not, it can be scary. And it can be even worse if you have to rely on strangers to help. Luckily, there are other options.

All you have to know is how to jump a car without jumper cables. Pretty soon, you'll be home and ready to sleep in your own bed.

How to Jump-Start a Car

No one ever plans for their car to refuse to start. Whether it's the weather or just an old battery, anyone who owns a vehicle should know how to jump-start it. Ideally, everyone would know how to jump a car without jumper cables.

But to figure that out, you have to know how to jump-start a car with jumper cables. Using jumper cables is one common way to start a car, and if you understand how jumper cables work, you can learn how to jump a car without jumper cables.

Yes, that sounds confusing. However, whether you use jumper cables or not, jump-starting a car requires very similar steps.

Second car

Grab those cables

You're Not Out of Luck

While a lot of drivers know how to jump-start a car, some may not know how to jump a car without jumper cables. What's more, some probably don't even know that's an option.

But it's a good thing that jumper cables aren't required to start your car. Because unfortunately, you might find yourself in a sticky situation without a second vehicle to power your dead battery.

When you don't have help

When you don't have jumper cables

When you can't wait

How to Jump a Car Without Jumper Cables

There are a couple of methods you can use to jump-start a car even if you don't have jumper cables. Certain methods work better for some cars than others, so consider your vehicle before you decide on how you want to start your car.

Even if you can use multiple methods, odds are one will be easier than another. So give one or more of your options a try. You never know which might work best.


Use a Jump Box

The other best option you can use to figure out how to jump a car without jumper cables is to use the best car battery charger, otherwise known as a jump box. This has the same connectors you'd find on jumper cables.

However, instead of connecting them to another car, you connect them to what looks like a massive portable charger. If you already know how to use jumper cables, this will probably be pretty easy.

It works almost the exact same way except that you don't need a second car. So, how do you use the jump box?

Grab the battery pack

Connect the cord

Other benefits

On the Road Again

A dead car battery can be one of the worst things to happen. Whether you're running late to work or just want to get home sooner rather than later, no one wants to be stranded.

If you rely on jumper cables to start your car, you need another vehicle and the kindness of a friend or stranger. But if you know how to jump a car without jumper cables, you don't need any of that.

All you need is your car, a jump box, and a small amount of time.

Did you know how to jump a car without jumper cables? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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